Updated list of all fish medicines and vaccines registered in EU

The FishMedPlus Coalition disseminates an updated list of all fish medicines and vaccines registered in European Union. FishMedPlus is a coalition aiming for the increase of availability of authorised treatments and vaccines usable in aquaculture. Limited availability of treatments and prevention tools is a serious constraint on the health management in fish farming. The coalition solicited the EU legislator to assess the current availability of drugs and vaccines registered in aquaculture and for ornamental fish at the moment, and The Co-ordination group for Mutual recognition and Decentralised procedures – human (CMDh) took charge of the task.
304 different veterinary medicinal products are authorised for fish, against 10.000 for dogs and 8.000 for cattle. Half of them are vaccines, followed by antibiotics, representing the 29% of the treatments. Half of veterinary medicinal products are aimed to atlantic salmon and trouts (respectively 31% and 20%), while the 16% of them are directed towards a general category of fish.
It is possible to download the list here: http://www.hma.eu/584.html. More info here: https://www.fve.org/cms/wp-content/uploads/FishMedPlus-Newsletter-February-2019-1.pdf.