Gap analysis on Animal Welfare research

There is an increasingly wide gap between research and industry, particularly for what concerns animal welfare science. The lack of agreed Strategic Research Agendas on the issue adds to this problem, since no consensus was reached among stakeholders in the sector. The divergence of aims between these parties might slow down progresses in the sector.

A consensus between industry and researchers in the identification of research gaps and future research priorities, taking into account their different perspectives, would provide an ideal platform for progressing animal welfare and providing clear benefits to industry and to consumers. Agreement on animal welfare research priorities would also facilitate the move towards the common good by improving animal health and welfare, profitability, environmental and production sustainability and consumer acceptance. In addition, research provides to policy makers the information necessary to ensure the regulatory framework on animal welfare being based on scientific evidences.

The aim of this work is to map, from relevant and reliable information sources, emerging research gaps on animal welfare, in order to define research priorities and to reach agreement on these within a broad number of stakeholders, including farmers, the industry, and researchers. In addition, the work will contribute to improving/establishing a better communication and synergies between the public and private stakeholders in order to promote research as an investment in the future (putting it at the centre of an EU plan for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and jobs).

This report contains the methodology implemented for identifying gaps and future research needs, and provides an overview of the main results of the study.

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Strategic Research Agenda

A 20 year Strategic Research Agenda for Animal Health and Welfare. Identifies the scientific, technological and related needs to prevent, control or mitigate animal health, welfare and zoonotic challenges for the next 20 years. Developed under Work Package 5 of ANIHWA

EU Animal Health Strategic Research Agenda: 2017 update

A 20-years Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for Animal Health and Welfare was developed in 2015 during the ANIHWA project. A dedicated study was conducted by the CWG, with the support of the CASA (Common Agricultural and wider bioeconomy reSearch Agenda) initiative, in 2017 to update the SRA, taking into account scientific and technological advances. This report describes the methodology implemented and provides an overview of the main results of the study.

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