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Dairy Research Trust Co-operative Society


Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF)


Swedish Farmers Foundation for Agricultural Research (SLF)


Dutch Dairy Board


Centre National Interprofessionnel de l’Economie Laitiére (CNIEL)


Fédération Nationale des Producteurs de Lait (FNPL)


LTO Nederland


Israel Dairy Board


Knowledge Centre for Agriculture


Northern Ireland Agricultural Research and Development Council (AgriSearch)

The European Cattle Innovation Partnership (ECIP) is a collaboration between a number of farming-based organizations aiming to improve the cross border coordination of applied research, development and knowledge exchange in European dairy farming.

The Chairman of ECIP is Richard Holland – a dairy farmer who, through the support of the BioSciences Knowledge Transfer Network in the UK, took the first steps towards initiating this collaboration.

ECIP is currently being coordinated by Ray Keatinge ( from the GB dairy levy body AHDB Dairy.

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Strategies for eliminating lumpy skin disease report by EFSA lately published

A report about the most effective strategies for eliminating lumpy skin disease (LSD) has been recently published by EFSA. Lumpy skin disease (LSD) has recently been contained into the Balkan region showing a drop of number of diseases outbrakes by 95 percent from 2016 to 2017. The recomendation by the Standing Group of Experts to [...]

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Strengthening of regional prevention and control toward lumpy skin disease

Lumpy skin disease (LSD) is an infectious disease of cattle characterised by eruption nodules on the skin and other parts of the body and that produces a chronic debility in infected cattle, provoking serious economic losses. The disease is present in enzootic in many African and Middle East countries, but is actually spreading quickly in [...]

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ECIP meets in the Netherlands

ECIP met at Zoetermeer on  2/3 December 2013 to discuss progress on its work programme, and to learn of industry developments in the Netherlands. The visit was organised and hosted by the Dutch Dairy  Board. The Group discussed opportunities under the first call of Horizon 2020, expected to be announced on 11 December 2013. A [...]

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