12th International Virology Summit (Vebinar) (Euro Virology 2020)

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12th International Virology Vebinar (Euro Virology 2020) will be conducted on June 24-25, 2020. The Vebinar will promote quality research and real-world impact in an atmosphere of true international cooperation between scientists by bringing together the world class researchers, international communities and industrial heads to discuss the latest developments and innovations in the fields of Virology. This scientific event will consist of structured scientific sessions which will cover all the aspects of viral diseases and virus research. Euro Virology 2020 is expected to serve as an international platform for meeting researchers from around the world, widen professional contact and create new opportunities, including establishing new collaborations.

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Web interactive workshop: Pandemic! A one health view of emerging infectious diseases – what veterinary sciences can contribute

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Workshop agendaAgenda workshop web CWG&STARIDAZ 1The Collaborative Working Group on Animal Health and welfare research (CWG-AH) and the Global Strategic Alliances for the Coordination of Research on the Major Infectious Diseases of Animals and Zoonoses and its related International Research Consortium (STAR-IDAZ IRC), with the support of APRE (Agency for the Promotion of European Research), invite you on 30th June 2020 (14.00 – 16.15 CET) to participate in a discussion (online) between representatives of public research institutions, pharmaceutical industry and government. The discussion will aim to encourage the exchange of innovative ideas, possible actions to support a public-private-partnership approach, new tools for financial support of research, and to better define short-term strategies to give a new direction to SRAs on animal health through collaboration between the different actors.

There are several lessons for veterinary medicine to be learned from COVID-19; the questions we will put central during this workshop are:

1.How can research on animal infectious diseases contribute to prevent and control future one health pandemics?

2.How can Strategic Research Agendas in animal health be improved to prevent and respond in a timely manner to new and emerging animal diseases?

Participants will be able to actively interact in the discussion and express ideas and needs using their smartphone.

This event has been possible thanks to the financial support of the Secretariat for the STAR-IDAZ IRC (SIRCAH, funded under H.2020 G.A. 727494).

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If you missed the event, you can watch the recording on YouTube:

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