Projects funded through the 1st Common Call


FareWellDock - Ending tail docking and tail biting in the EU – Hazard characterization and exposure assessment of a major pig welfare problem

RABHO Rabbit housing - Development and assessment of alternative animal-friendly housing systems for rabbit does with kits and growing rabbits

TURKEYWELFARE - Improving turkey health and welfare by reducing foot pad dermatitis

KOlimastIR - Controlling the impact of Escherichia coli mastitis through modulation of immune responses

NADIV - Co-circulation of avian influenza and velogenic Newcastle disease viruses – impact on pathogenesis, immune response and disease prevention

MADISUP - Marek’s Disease Virus induced immunosuppression: From diagnosis to vaccination

Bru-EPIDIA - Brucellosis in wildlife and domestic animals: development of a direct diagnostic method and assessment of genetic diversity of Brucella melitensis and B. suis biovar 2 strains in the EU

IUEPPR - Improved understanding of the epidemiology of peste-des-petits ruminants

LIVEepi - Prediction and Control of Vector- and Movement-Borne Livestock Epidemics

SporeBiotic - Control of Clostridium difficile: an Emerging Threat to the European Livestock Industry


Projects funded through the 2nd Common Call


BetterBones - Better bone quality in laying hens

WIN-FISH - Welfare, Health and Individuality in Farmed FISH

TRANSCRIPTOVAC - Host response gene signatures associated with FMDV infection, vaccination and persistence

PlantVac - Sustainable management of aquaculture fish health through the development of low cost plant-derived vaccines, using vaccines against salmon pancreas disease and viral haemorrhagic septicaemia as case studies

MICHIC - Understanding mucosal immunology and co-infections in the chicken to drive vaccine strategies

KILLeuPRRSV - Control of highly virulent/pathogenic European porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome viruses

ECALEP - Emergence of highly pathogenic CAliciviruses in LEporidae through species jumps involving reservoir host introduction

CuliOme - Can we predict emergence and spread of Culicoides-borne arboviruses in Europe according to genetic drivers of vector competence and virome diversity?

SPARE - Development of SPatial risk assessment framework for Assessing exotic disease incuRsion and spread through Europe

PRAHAD -Prevalence and optimised detection of resistance to antibiotics vital for animal and human health

AntibioPhage - A bacteriophage-based approach to reducing infections caused by antibiotic resistant Escherichia coli

Projects funded through the 3rd Common Call


ANIBOTNET -  Animal botulism: innovative tools for diagnosis, prevention, control and epidemiological investigation

ARBONET -  Epidemiological models for control of arboviral disease for Europe

NOVIMARK - Identification of virulence markers in two loss-making Novirhabovirus is the key to improve diagnostic and strategic management in farmed rainbow trout

Epi-risk - Integrated epidemiological models for risk-based surveillance approaches

MRSA_BACTERIOPHAGES - Bacteriophages as alternative to antimicrobial treatments of bovine mastitis caused by methicillin-resistant staphylococci (MRS), with emphasis on methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

BLAAT - Bacteriophage lysins as  alternatives to antimicrobial treatment

EryPoP - Erysipelas – an emerging disease in animal friendly production systems for poultry and pigs

iMBDatA - Integrated EU Mobile Broiler Data – Optimising Broiler Chicken Management, Health and Welfare through use of integrated EU data

SOUNDWEL - Toward a tool for farmers to evaluate welfare states of pigs: measuring vocal indicators of emotions

PigWatch - Combining the ‘eye of the stockman’ and precision farming techniques to improve pig welfare

AWAP - Validation of automated welfare assessment for poultry