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EU Animal Health Strategic Research Agenda: 2017 update AVAILABLE

Europe’s veterinary public health systems are confronted with growing economic, sociological, environmental changes and challenges. A priority-focused strategy is urgently needed to best utilize the limited resources invested into animal health research for safeguarding and improving animal health for present and future generations. A foresight study was carried out as part of the ANIHWA project in order to produce an EU Strategic Research Agenda on Animal Health and Welfare (published in 2015) and to identify topics for collaborative activities at European level. The purpose of the present study was an updateing of the previous Agenda and this report details its findings.

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New report by EFSA and ECDS highlights persistance of high levels of antimicrobial resistance

The European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis affirmed that european commitment to fight antimicrobial resistance has to be renew through cooperation between countries and implementing of stringent policies. Indeed, antimicrobial resistance is far to be satisfactorily faced, as the new summary report of ECDC and EFSA demonstrates, showing up the new findings based on data from 2016 . The levels of antimicrobial resistance differ significantly from one EU country to another, and new cases of antimicrobial resistance were reported. For the first time, ESBL-producing S. Kentucky, highly resistent to cirpofloxacin, was detected in four countries. One out of four cases of human infections given by Salmonella are due to bacteria resistent to at least three or more commonly used antimicrobials, and also Campylobacter bacteria show [...]

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Animal Task Force 7th Seminar Report available

Animal Task Force published the Session Report of its last Annual meeting held in Brussels, the 28th October 2017, entitled: “Food integrity in the food chain: How can the animal production sector contribute?”. The topics discussed were the visions of the animal primary production both from civil society and private sector. The document gathers the point of view of its most preminent representatives, organised in short essays. A preminent part is dedicated to edited minutes of the panel discussions. The Report updates state of the art of the needs of livestock economy research presented in Second White Paper at the end of 2016. This document indicated research priorities for Horizon2020 2018-2020 Work Programme in innovation and sustainability in European animal production. The study was focused on herbivores (ruminants, [...]

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The ERA-NET Sustainable Animal Production (SusAn) had its Kick-off meeting in December and has launched the first call for transnational research proposals on January 4th, 2016. The funding organisations (37 partners of 22 MS) agreed that future development of the European Animal Production sector will need to build on the sustainability triangle of economic competitiveness, social acceptability and environmental protection.The co-funded call for research, open to transnational research proposals which take a systems and interdisciplinary approach to research to address multiple objectives under the three Research Areas of Economy, Environment and Society. the initial project seminar will be held in Bilbao,Spain November the 23rd-24th 2017.

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World Veterinary Vaccine Congress

The 2nd World Veterinary Vaccine Congress will take place next October in Barcelona (Spain). The main focus of the Congress will be on the scientific and technological innovation in livestock vaccines, emerging diseases, influenza, companion vaccines and bioprocess and manufacture. The event will represent an opportunity where the global vaccine industry meets to discuss commercial and scientific issues around new technology, regulation, manufacturing and vaccine development as well as respiratory, cancer and emerging diseases areas that link animal and human health together. More information on the event can be found at http://www.terrapinn.com/conference/world-veterinary-vaccine-congress/index.stm?_ga=1.76660053.1395196388.1468949183

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XIX International Congress of ISAH Animal Hygiene as a Fundament of One Health and Welfare improving biosecurity, environment and food quality

The ISAH Congress is an important conference for professionals in animal hygiene, health and welfare, a great opportunity for industry and scientists to meet to exchange new knowledge and experience. it will be carried out through many plenary meetings, poster sessions, technical tours and discussions about scientific achievements in the livestock production and practical applications. Selected papers of the Congress will be published in the “Annals of Animal Science”, Impact Factor (JCR 2018)=1.018 http://www.izoo.krakow.pl/en/periodicals Scientific Topics of the Congress are: animal health, welfare and behavior, animal hygiene, disease prevention, biosecurity and antibiotics resistance, food quality and food safety of animal origin, zoonosis, vector borne and emerging diseases, apiculture and problem of beekeeping, interactions between environment and animal production, nutrition, feed and additives, sustainable animal production and agro-biodiversity conservation: [...]

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15th International Symposium of Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics (ISVEE 15)

ISVEE 15 is a global forum where graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, practitioners, junior and senior researchers, as well as policymakers, health, veterinary public health, social science, and animal health economic professionals learn and share their vision of building a better life tomorrow for veterinary epidemiology at the local, regional, and international levels. This event offers a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration essential in addressing the crucial healthcare challenges facing our ecosystem. Well-known keynote speakers will share their vision in the areas of education, animal health and production, technology, research and public policy – presenting innovations that can be applied to our common goal of solving today’s burning issues in veterinary epidemiology and economics. Your research and studies are welcome to be shared at ISVEE 15. Online Abstract Submission [...]

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IMED 2018 International Meeting on Emerging Diseases and Surveillance

The Seventh International Meeting on Emerging Diseases and Surveillance, IMED 2018, will be held in Vienna, Austria from 9–12 November 2018. Leading scientists, clinicians and policy makers to Vienna to present new knowledge and breakthroughs and discuss how to discover, detect, monitor, understand, prevent, and respond to outbreaks of emerging pathogens. Since the last Meeting new emerging diseases such as, for example,the emergence of Zika virus in the Americas and the recognition of congenital anomalies complicating infection during pregnancy led to an international public health emergency. Eruptions of highly pathogenic avian influenza in poultry, wild birds and humans continue to occur as well as diseases at the human-wildlife interface, from rabies to plague to Ebola continue to draw our attention. Growing antimicrobial resistance by pathogens to all types [...]

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5th Congress of the European Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians

EAVLD is a non profit making, independent association of veterinary laboratory scientists and experts with the aim of improving veterinary and public health by providing a platform for communication among veterinary laboratory. In order to promote the highest standards of quality in European veterinary laboraties the association is involved in the dissemination of knowledge, the organisation of workshops and the creation of an inclusive forum where specialists working across the full range of species can interact and trasfert skills and technology. General meetings are held every two years. In such occasions, the latest developments and standards in veterinary diagnostics are disseminated.

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