Foresight & Programming Unit

The evolution and remit of the Foresight & Programming Unit (FPU) is represented chronologically above. There are currently three Work Groups (WGs) under the FPU; WG1 concerned with updating the EMIDA SRA, WG2 concerned with short-term maintenance of the EMIDA SRA and topic identification, and WG3 concerned with infrastructure, capacities and expertise.

The Infrastructure Work Group (WG3) will look to complement the activities of the European Commission funded NADIR project (Network of Animal Disease Infectiology Research Facilities) by first taking stock of animal health research capacity, including expertise and biological collections, across Europe. Gaps in research capacity will be identified with the aim of addressing these gaps.

The FPU was established through Work Package 5 of the European Commission funded EMIDA ERA-NET (Coordination of European Research on Emerging and Major Infectious Diseases of Livestock) which involved the Animal Health Subgroup of the CWG. The main aim of the FPU in EMIDA was the development of a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for which the first step was to perform a review of foresight studies, the second step was to perform a Delphi Study and hold an associated Consensus Workshop, and the third was to bring all of this together to produce the SRA. Since EMIDA finished at the end of 2011, the FPU has been permanently housed in the CWG where it will continue to maintain the SRA and keep the CWG informed of future research needs. The outputs of the (EMIDA) FPU are all available from the Resources section of this website or through the links below:

Strategic Research Agenda (EMIDA): A common strategic animal health research agenda based on shared priorities. Includes an Action Plan for maintenance of the strategic research agenda and an Action Plan for joint trans-national programmes – produced by the FPU.

Report on Delphi Study (EMIDA): Expert views on European research needs regarding emerging infectious animal diseases: results of a Delphi study.

STRAW Report (EMIDA): Final report on Strategic Research Agenda Workshop.

Report on Foresight Studies Review (EMIDA): Inventory of foresight methodologies used in animal health related foresight studies and analysis of the outputs resulting in a draft list of future research needs – performed by the FPU.

FPU Terms of Reference (EMIDA): Foresight & Programming Unit, Terms of Reference (long term).

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Vaccinology Survey

STAR-IDAZ members identified  Vaccinology as one of the  areas requiring collaborative activities at a global level. The BBSRC as part of work-package 4  is conducting a survey of global research activities, gaps and future needs in Veterinary Vaccinology to inform the development of future collaborative activities and identify potential members and key stakeholders for a [...]

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Zoonoses – From Panic to Planning

Over two thirds of all human infectious diseases have their origins in animals. The rate at which these zoonotic diseases have appeared in people has increased over the past 40 years, with at least 43 newly identified outbreaks since 2004. In 2012, outbreaks included Ebola in Uganda, yellow fever in the Democratic Republic of Congo [...]

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Fore-CAN Healthy-final-e

Fore-CAN Report: Healthy Animals | Healthy Future 2025

From foresight to insight to action > applying foresight to Animal Health Emergency Management in Canada. Report published in September 2011 by Fore-CAN: Foresight for Canadian Animal Health.  

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