Twenty ninth Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology


Theme of the ISEE17 conference is “Healthy places, healthy people – where are the connections?” that is the recognition that there are many different places (the natural environment, the built environment, the social environment) and many different people (the young, the old, the disadvantaged and the marginalised) interconnected by physical, psychological, social or political links.
ISEE17 Organisation Committee also welcomes the submission of oral and poster presentations, symposia and workshops in both the ‘old’ and ‘new’ environment health – including air and water pollution, contaminated lands, endocrine disrupters, climate change, built environment, food and water security.

Australia sits firmly in the Asia-Pacific region. Therefore, ISEE17 will specifically address healthy places and healthy people connections in the Asia-Pacific region.

ISEE17 is co-sponsored by the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research.