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II Workshop SIB – SISVet

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The general crisis in dairy cattle breeding, the reinforcement of consumer confidence and Ethics of production and food safety are the main issues in which regard, the evaluation and the consequent certification of animal health and well-being are of key importance. There are different approaches and visions on how to detect the welfare of dairy animals as well as different tools to be offered to both breeders and veterinarians and business consultants.
Most approaches to the assessment of the welfare of dairy cattle are based on the evaluation of how animals relate to the environment and develop adaptation strategies at different levels.
This workshop proposes to check the state of the art and discuss whether or not there is a “normal” behavior of animals,to be used as a basis for “on-the-field” assessment of wellness, and to provide the scientific community a hint to complete the Knowledge on the subject.
In addition, it is intended to compare the different approaches used to verify the welfare of animals and to give
breeders tools and solutions to improve it.
The ultimate purpose is to open up the Academic world, the institutional setting of the Zooprophylaxis and the Veterinary and Business consultants.