Joint One Health-Eco Health International Congress

The 4th International One Health Congress and the 6th biennial Congress of the International Association for Ecology and Health will be joined to take place next December in Melbourne (Australia). This event will be the first one bringing together the global One Health and Eco-Health communities, representing a meeting opportunity for researchers, policy makers and practitioners who are working towards more integrated approaches and effective responses to complex global health challenges.

More than 1,000 experts are expected to participate in the event, bringing diverse expertise from more than 60 countries.

Main topics will include:

climate change, food and water security and antimicrobial resistance, zoonoses, environmental sustainability, education, the benefits and impacts of One Health and EcoHealth approaches, and all forms of health – population and environmental health, ecosystem and ecological health, ocean health, domestic animal and wildlife health, the social, cultural and ecological determinants and dimensions of health.