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International Veterinary Immunology Symposium 2016

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The 11th International Veterinary Immunology Symposium, ‘Veterinary Immunology: Connecting animals, humans and the land’, will take place next August in Australia.

Research in Veterinary Immunology is growing rapidly, with new developments and exciting research breakthroughs. This conference aims to bring together researchers in the field of Veterinary Immunology, uniting the areas of immunology and animal health, as well as the issues around clinical treatments.

Main topics will include:

Innate immunity, Metabolic control, Vaccines, Infectious disease, Ecoimmunology, Acquired immunity, Parasitology, Clinical immunology, Viral immunology, Inflammation, Molecular Immunology, Diagnostics, Mucosal Immunology, Biosecurity, Functional genomics, Zoonosis.

In addition, a workshop session, funded under the Bill & Melinda gates Foundation Grand Challenges Exploration (GCE), will allow participants to identify the most important barriers in veterinary immunology that are preventing progress in veterinary vaccinology. The outputs of the session will inform a GCE call to promote “outside of the box” thinking to solve these challenges, increase efforts in cutting edge science, adoption of new technology and stimulate innovation in veterinary immunology and vaccinology.