Improving the safety of the food chain through risk prevention in plant and animal production

The 10th Symposium of the Scientific Committee of the Belgian Food Safety Agency will take place on the 28th of November 2014 in Brussels (Auditorium Pacheco, Pachecolaan 13, 1000 Brussels).

Starting from the application of a similar risk assessment approach in the plant and animal production sectors, the symposium will tackle the challenges of the development of an effective risk prevention strategy in order to improve the safety of the food chain (and in particular food safety). The program of the symposium is specially designed to attract risk assessors, risk managers, decision makers, stakeholders and consumers. Hereafter you can find the definitive program.

Participants will be invited beforehand to respond to a survey on “Stakeholders perception and attitude towards risk prevention in plant and animal production”. The goal is to obtain more insight about this topic. The results will be presented during the symposium. The symposium will be concluded by a debate between risk managers, risk assessors and stakeholders of the food chain. See the announcement for further information and how to register.


Download Second announcement - Symposium 2014